Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hope for Vulnerable Girls

Since 2006, Sauti Moja’s Child Mother Program has facilitated continued educational opportunities for girls who become pregnant while students and, therefore, face shattered dreams, new responsibilities, and uncertain futures.

Plight of Child Mothers

In both Kenya and Tanzania, becoming pregnant while studying can signal the end of a girl’s education. In communities where Sauti Moja works, reactions to pregnancy are different, but the consequences are equally serious. Some communities, such as the Borana and Gabra of northern Kenya have a very conservative response to child pregnancy, and due to social stigma and shame a pregnant girl may be cast out of the family and community. She loses her educational opportunity, due to lack of support for herself and child. In Tanzania, a pregnant student is permanently expelled from the public school system. Some Maasai families that place a lower value on education of girls which coupled with loss of affordable education often results in the child mother being forced into early marriage.

Sauti Moja Needs Your Help

You can help restore a young girl’s dreams by becoming a sponsor. Your sponsorship will make it possible for Sauti Moja to support child mothers by:

• Counseling pregnant girls, mediating with her parents, and negotiating return to school;
• Ensuring healthy choices during pregnancy and safe delivery of the baby;
• Lobbying schools to accept child mothers and facilitating enrolment;
• Paying school fees, transport costs, and personal support costs;
• Training girls in childcare; and monitoring the baby’s health.

Your $90/month will provide a child mother with new hope by enabling her to realize her dream of a good education and becoming self-sufficient. For further information, please contact or go to

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