Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers Day – The Most Precious Gift

This Mothers Day, we are inspired by eight-year old Nikash - our youngest fundraiser and donor. He recently raised enough money by making and selling baked goods to buy three goats for orphan children. We knew that there must be a story, so today, we visited his home and also met with his single mother, Rose, and his sister, Anika.

Nikash, the youngest Sauti Moja fundraiser and donor.
Nikash had been intrigued with advertising that promoted giving goats to needy families. A friend directed Rose to Sauti Moja, and after reading the blog story, ‘Elema, Seven Years Later’, she recognized the impact that goats can have on a female-headed household.  As Nikash has a heart for less fortunate children, he was impressed to learn how goats can help to make ends meet by providing milk and income for school fees, medicines and clothing. Together, we decided that the most appropriate use of this donation was to buy three goats for the children of one of our beneficiaries who had been murdered. On May 1, Tim visited and photographed the orphans who were excited and so happy that a young Canadian boy was giving them goats, which will multiply and help them through their lives.

Orphans smile as they learned from Tim about the Canadian boy
who was giving them goats.
Today, though, we not only wanted to meet Nikash but also to learn more about the motivation for this act of kindness. He simply stated, "I thank my Mom for teaching me what was important - kindness."

Rose knows the struggles of being a single mother raising children, but she feels truly thankful for what she does have – a good education and a supportive family that taught her to smile in adversity. Rose is motivated by her Sikhism which instils the values of sharing and equality among all people.  In fact, Anika said, “We learned from Mom that everyone is the same; no one is better than others.”  Thus, Rose recognizes that many in this world are not so fortunate and her upbringing gives her a desire to be kind and raise up the less fortunate.  We learned a lesson from Rose - “Being thankful contributes to generosity and humility. It helps you to deal with the difficulties of life.”

Rose is honoured for the kindness expressed by her children, Nikash and Anika. 

 Today, we learned of the intergenerational values and examples of kindness by mother and grandmother that motivated Nikash to raise money and donate goats to orphans in Kenya.  Rose is honoured for the kindness expressed by her children - Nikash for other children, and Anika for seniors, animal rights and female causes.  These children are an example for all mothers who weave compassion and good works into the hearts of their children, tomorrow’s global citizens.  Other mothers will recognize that the most precious gift received from your children is found in their outward expression of the love that you've shown them every day. 

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