Sunday, April 27, 2014


Thank you to all our donors who came forward and answered Sauti Moja Canada’s appeal for food aid.

 All mothers will go to great lengths to feed their children, however the widowed and single mothers who comprise Sauti Moja’s beneficiary community have additional challenges. 

The journey to find food can take mothers away from their home, leaving young children to fend for themselves.  Women walk many kilometers determined to find food by digging for roots and seeking food in other bomas (homesteads) and communities.  This activity of foraging for food and seeking help burns many calories – hopefully less than the mother gets to consume. 

However, food aid provides immediate calories and protein that is critical to reducing malnutrition and allows these single mothers to remain in their village and care for their children through the difficult times.

Sauti Moja Canada and our beneficiaries give thanks to the many donors who have responded.  To date, your donation enabled the bi-weekly distribution of 14kg maize, 2kg beans and 0.5L oil to assist 477 families in meeting their food needs.

Yes, Sauti Moja Canada will continue its appeal for food aid, while we  work to strengthen the community safety nets with further livestock distributions.   

Thank you!

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