Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Donor's Pictorial Journey - Sauti Moja

 Duane and Joan McCartney visited Sauti Moja projects.  Amazed and moved by their experience, they created this video/pictorial account of their journey to East Africa where they discovered the beauty and the uniqueness of the indigenous cultures of Kenya and Tanzania.  Duane and Joan have agreed to share their remarkable journey.

When I asked what they would like to say to the Sauti Moja community, they responded by saying,
"Sauti Moja is REALLY making a difference in people's lives in Kenya and  Tanzania.  We highly recommend that you get financially involved with their various projects!"  
I guess you can't top that!  Consider this a formal invitation to enrich your lives and become engaged as a member of the Sauti Moja Community.

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