Friday, January 18, 2013

Soap Making to Generate Income

by Lyn Bishop

Our beneficiaries include older mothers who have been single for many years due to the stigma of unwanted pregnancy while they were girls.  This stigma stays with a woman for life, and along with little education, it is difficult for them to find an income generating niche within the community.  These women are willing to work hard to support their children, so Sauti Moja supports them to find dignified labour.  

Helping marginalized women is one Sauti Moja’s most difficult challenges.  People will not engage with these women, if they can find a similar service with another woman.  Therefore, it is important to identify income generation activities that are specialized and/or help these women produce a superior product.

Sauti Moja staff are addressing this challenge through the new business venture of soap making.  Although many other women already sell soap, the Sauti Moja soap remains a unique product as colour and fragrance, such as lemon or lavender, is added.  Recently, I watched the women participate together in making 20 Litres of soap to distribute amongst themselves and sell in the market and to local institutions.

We hope to identify other income generating activities that will provide a reliable income for these hard working, marginalised women and their families.  There have been recent discussions that the women may like to have support for developing a cooperative market garden.  Sauti Moja’s support is needed, as often local land owners are reluctant to rent land to single mothers.  Regardless, Sauti Moja will continue to support this group of vulnerable women to develop a source of food and income for their family.

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where this soap can be bought and what the name is? I would like to start buying it in order to support these women.